Health Benefits Of A Massage

For some centuries now, massage therapy has been used to achieve relaxation and to relieve stress. But today as people continue to learn more, a message has shown to have more health benefits beyond stress relief and relaxation. This has led to it being used as part of a complete health care plan for any individual. Massage can be used to increase the well-being of one, help cancer patients in their fight with depression, and reduce pain and general body pain. There are so many health benefits of massage but let us look at some of the most common ones.

Benefits of a massage

Treatment for pain


Having regular massage sessions can greatly contribute to the reduction of body pain. Research has shown that message works better than acupuncture to relief lower back pains. With the use of massage, a patient usually witnesses less need to use pain relievers. For those people who are suffering from migraines, it has been discovered that they experience fewer headaches and they have a better quality of sleep when they are taken through massage.


Stress management

Everybody will attest to the fact that life is very stressful nowadays and things seem to be moving faster and faster each day. This is why many people find themselves easily overwhelmed to keep track of the daily happenings and many other factors. This is why massage offers the much needed time out for such individuals. It gives people an opportunity away from their phones and computers. I sometimes refer to message as being a mini vacation.

Decreases anxiety and depression

Depression and anxiety can be caused by an imbalance in the chemical formulation in the body. It can also be resulting from an overtaxed and overstretched nervous system. Whatever the cause of your depression, massage is essential as it will bring the much-needed balance into your body. It also plays a vital role in ensuring that one becomes present with themselves.

Ensures an improved immune system

A lot of research that has been conducted on the importance of massage has shown that constant massage sessions help to keep the immune system stronger and helps it maintain its ability to resist any disease. This is because the body usually reacts strongly to any touch.

Increases lymph circulation

For lymph to naturally move through the body, one has to engage in regular exercise. This is important to the body as it helps milk the muscles hence helping in the elimination of toxins and impurities from the body. The lymph system is the first respondent in the event of a disease attack. By undergoing massage the system will work smoothly, and hence one reduces their vulnerability to attack from diseases.

Lowers blood pressure

Massage is important in lowering the blood pressure of an individual; this is because it helps take one from a place of stress to that of peace and tranquility. One hour of massage can be equated to having a four-hour rest. It is also advisable that if you are having some trouble sleeping at night, you should get a massage before bed and you will surely see some change.

There you have it, these as just some of the many health benefits of massage.