Kratom in the news: what you should know



Kratom in the news has become the new order of the day. Even those who did not know much about it are now furnished with so much information they never knew about. Mostly, it is all about bad publicity about the subject, and the kratom community would appreciate a bit of positivity on the same.

So, what news about kratom should you know about?

22kdhfjkdhjjThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tries hard to shut down all kratom advocates. FDA is now on the loose and bad mouthing kratom. As usual, the story in the news is that kratom is bad for your health. To prove how bad it is, they have 15 deaths in two years from kratom associated cases. What they want is for the little plant to be declared illegal.

For the first 50 years, the world has struggled with the effects of making marijuana illegal. It has been bad news throughout and at the end of it all; marijuana is now getting the legal status in many parts around the world. Did the world not learn from what has happened with marijuana? Illegalizing kratom has the potential to surpass any bad records set before by the same measures against plants that are considered beneficial to human health.

The DEA has changed its mind on kratom

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is ready to use its emergency authority bestowed upon it by the law on kratom. This comes as questions about the safety of kratom to health are now in focus. While this is a routine event that could happen to any other food substance, the DEA action is receiving a lot of backlash from kratom enthusiasts. It is now a wait and sees game of what becomes of the little Southeast Asian plant.

Will it be the end of the story for kratom? Let’s hope not.

The right news you should know about kratom

Kratom, scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a widely known plant in South East Asia that has a long history of medical and ceremonial uses. It comes in various strains, which are used to remedy on different health issues such as dealing opiate withdrawals, an array of pains among other issues.

The bottom line

33jbvkdkjhjkObjectively, kratom has been in use for centuries and has been helpful in saving quite some lives. With the bad press about the subject, many people are only getting the negative side of the story.

Governments are now out to dictate what foods and drugs should be out there in the market. While this may be a show of good faith, we know what politics can do with good things that the public want.

As much as kratom has been associated with a few deaths here and there, it is time you give it credit for the more advantages it has too many users. And mark you, some of those deaths are out of misuse and not any dangers related to kratom. Just like marijuana is receiving positive vibe from governments and institutions, kratom should also be given serious thought.…